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What is Panopta?

Panopta is a web application that helps companies manage data incidents in the context of the AVG / GDPR.

The ultimate practical solution to comply with the new privacy legislation. Panopta ensures simple, quick and correct handling of the entire process from the discovery of the incident to reporting and resolving the incident.

Why Panopta?

  • Panopta is easy to use: A user-friendly interface helps you to manage your data incidents correctly.
  • Panopta is secure: Your data is safe with us. Your data is encrypted and stored in the EU. Only you are able to decrypt and read your information.
  • Panopta keeps you informed: Stay informed about data incidents by using a secure communication channel in Panopta.

What can you do with Panopta?

Organize data incidents

An easy overview of all your cases involving data incidents that require your attention. You will also be informed about cases from other companies or institutions that have indicated that you might be involved in a data incident.

Easy step-by-step wizard

An easy step-by-step wizard that helps you create a case for your data incident. Open a secure communication channel to inform other companies or institutions.

Involve and inform

Involve and inform contacts that might be involved in data incidents you discover. Panopta opens a secure communication channel for everybody and keeps your cases and converstations bundled.

Communicate securely

Panopta has a built-in communication system that you and your involved contacts can use to communicate about a case.

Organize contacts

Keep your contacts from companies or institutions organized in your Panopta addressbook.

Who is Panopta for?

  • Companies or institutions that handle private sensitive personal information
  • Companies or institutions that need help implementing a process to comply to the privacy legislation
  • Companies or institutions that need to handle data incidents on a regular basis

More questions about Panopta?

Contact one of our representatives to request a demo. You can use the form below, email us or call us.

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